Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Is Possible!

Matthew 19:26 All things are possible to those who believe.
Romans 8:37 In all things we are more than conquors through Christ.

There is a great deal of differance in believing God can do something, verses believing that He will. To believe that way, is like shooting up in the air, hoping you might hit something. Believing God will watch over His Word and do it, is more like a target, with a bullseye on it.

We can use God's Word as a target to focus our faith. The Word gives us basis to believe. Believing goes beyond hoping, it sees possibility in the Word, and believes and declares it. The situation may look impossible in the natural, but God "ain't" natural! He can effect our natural problem with His supernatural ability. If you can believe it, with God it is possible. I challenge you right now. Go ahead and declare it, "I believe you God in this situation!

Thank you Father that we can trust you in everything that we have to face in life. You know no impossibilities. We chose to put our faith in a limitless God. Thank you that you always led us in triumph in Christ. We are more than conquerors through you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Potential Power

Proverbs 4:20...My son, pay attention to my word, for they are life to you.
Proverbs 10:13... Wisdom is found on the lips of Him who has understanding.

The Word of God has so much potential in it, that it can move mountains, set captives free, and open the eyes of the blind. It can meet the needs of people, show us the way to salvation, and always led us in victory. The Word declares that it is life to those that find it. A bull dozer has the power potential, to push trees over, to move great mounds of dirt, and in a little while change the looks of a place. In order for that Dozer to release that potential, someone has to know how to operate it. The Word of God has to have someone to work it. With all the potential that it has, someone has to act in faith believing it to release that power. The power is there, the operating it is up to us.

Father, I want to thank you for the power of Your Word. I believe that It's power can be released through my believing in it. I choose to believe Your Word, I chose to operate it with faith. To think, and to act, in line with Your Word, and see it's power released on my behalf. Thank you that it will always led me in victory.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heaven-A Real Place # 2

Last week I talked about Heaven, and how real it is. It is a prepared place, for a prepared people. Heaven really is a place, farther north than man will ever go in this body. That is why we have to be "Born Again",spiritually speaking.
You cannot get there from here, in this body. When you die, the spirit of man is released to go be with the Lord in Heaven. Paul said, to be absent of the body is to be present with the Lord.
Just like that, you are there!
In this Part Two, we will cover things like, how we get there, and will we know each other and our loved ones when we arrive. I will give you the answer to that now, of coarse we will know each other! Come tomorrow and find out what scripture says about these things and more.
Now obviously if Heaven is a real place, and it is, Hell is also a real place. You do not want to go there. It is way to hot, and it will be forever. Forever is a long, long time. We will touch on that later. Hope to see you tomorrow.
P Lloyd

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Choosing Right

Deuteronomy 30:14/20...the word is near you that you may do it.
Vs.19... I have set before you life and death, choose life!

God is so gracious to give us His Word. He gives us direction, and guidance through it. He is telling us in this verse, that it should be in you heart, and mouth, that you may DO IT. The ability of the Word is released through our doing it, not only through our knowledge of it. The Book of James tells us, if we hear the Word, but we choose not to do it, we deceive ourselves. In verse 20 we are told to do three things, love the Lord, obey His voice, and cling to Him. If we will love Him, the other two will be a privilege and never a problem. Choose right, choose life, by choosing to follow Him.

Thank you Father for giving us your Word. Thank you for the direction, and the instruction that we receive through it. We choose to receive Your life, in our lives. We love You, we choose to obey Your voice, and to cling to You. As a result, Your Word declares length of days will be multiplied to us. Thank you Father, that with long life, we will be satisfied, and shown the Salvation of our God.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Miss Tomorrow's Service!!

HEAVEN - A REAL PLACE This Sunday I am going to talk about Heaven, and how real it is. Heaven is a place, just like Earth is a place. It is a place that only the Redeemed of The Lord can get to. We will find out more precise where Heaven is from Earth, more than just in the "up" direction. In am going to tell you where it is in scripture. Answer questions like, how do we get there? Do we know those that are there? I believe you will hear things that will have you thinking more and more about this place called, Heaven. We tend to think a lot more of what we can see, than we do those promises of things that we can't. Heaven is a real place. Come expecting, leave rejoicing! P Lloyd

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honoring God

I Samuel 2:30...for those who honor me I will honor
Proverb 4:20/22...honor My Words, for they will produce life

When you think about honoring God,what do you think of doing? For some it might be praising, for others it might be praying. These things can bring honor to Him, but I believe the greastest way to honor Him, is to live everyday for Him. When everything seems to be going wrong,you just take time to let Him know, I am trusting You right in the middle of this mess!

He said He would give honor to those who would honor Him. Through out the Word, God declares, you do this, or that, and I will bless you.That to me, shows Him honor, and He in return shows it back to you.

Thank you Father for Your Word. I will honor you by living it out during my day. Forgive me for not honoring You during times that I could have. In Your Word i will find direction, peace and strength. I desire to live for You and allow Your Word to live through me.
P Lloyd