Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August- Word From The Word

I hope all is well with you and yours. I preached a message Sunday entitled, “Get Over It!” I think their are a lot of things in life that we need to get over so that we can move on to the things that are ahead.
Paul said, this one thing I do, forgetting the things that are behind and reach for the things that are ahead. He refers to life as being in a race and that we should run with the attitude of a winner and not a whiner.
He tells us to lay aside weights of life that can so easily ensnare us or trap us. You have never seen a runner dressed up in heavy clothing in a race. No, they wear as little as possible so that they are not hindered by the weight.
Bitterness, unforgivenes, disappointments and even failures need to be dealt with or they will become weights that can trap us and we can live that way for years.
God will help you with things that you may realize you need to deal with. Ask for His help, He knows how to give you what you need to become free from things that have been on your heart for years.
Pastor Lloyd
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