Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't Ever Give Up!

Hello, hope yall are doing good. I was studying about Elijah and how he told King Ahab to get going before he got stuck in the mud.!
You see there had been a drought for three and a half years. He goes to the mountain to pray, and tells his servant to go look toward the sea. He comes back and says, their is nothing!
How many of us would give up after that? He didn't, he told him to go again, still nothing. Finally after SEVEN times he returns and says to Elijah. " Don't get real excited, but I did see a small cloud about the size of a mans hand coming up out of the sea!"
Elijah said that's it! About that time, the wind started blowing, the clouds darken, and the rain started to fall.
The point to this is, don't ever give up on God! Stay confident in Him, He hears you when you pray. Stay steady, unmoving, refusing to give up until you see it come to past. Don't allow time to change your mind! P Lloyd

Monday, January 9, 2012

Super Prayer Sunday

We are so excited about an upcoming event on Super Bowl Sunday @ MCC! We are calling it

"Super Prayer Sunday- Expect VICTORY In Your Game!"

We will be dedicating a special time in our morning service to pray over anyone with a need or any prayer needs we receive(request will remain confidential).

If you have a special need that you would like our church family to agree with you in prayer about or you know someone that needs prayer, please join us on this special day. Prayer request may also be mailed to:

Miracle Christian Center- POBOX 906 Buffalo, Tx 75831

or e-mail us:

For more information, call our church office at (903)322-2300