Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Word From The Word- February

Greeting in the name of Jesus! I hope you have had a good start to this new year. I don’t know about you but I am ready for Spring. I know it doesn’t get as cold here as it use to and that is just fine with me. Bring on the warm!

I preached a message entitled, “Chosen Not Frozen”. You know that anything frozen is lifeless, it just sits there and does nothing. If you get ice in your water line it causes a hindrance and the water can’t flow as it should.

To many times I think we allow things to hinder us from flowing as we should for the Kingdom of God. Even those little things can stop the “flow” and we find ourselves just sitting there doing nothing productive.

The Word says that you are a chosen vessel {I Peter2:9} I would encourage you to read this passage in the Message Bible translation. It Says that 'you were once a nobody but now you are a somebody. You were once rejected but now you are the accepted.'

You are the Chosen of God to be on the move doing your part for the Kingdom of God. We can all do something. So do something least you do nothing!

Pastor Lloyd