Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Weapon 12.21.11

James 5:16 ....t"he effective,fervent prayer of a righteous man
avails much."

Prayer is one of the most powerful privileges that we have as
believers. The Amplified version tells us that the prayers of the righteous,
cause tremendous power to be made available, dynamic in its working.
Dynamics means that it can cause explosive power to be made available. Do you have
anything that you would like to,”blow up” in your life? To see it gone, and have
no more effect upon you? To blow up sickness, fear, worry, lack, or any other
thing that has come against you?

God says that the prayers of the righteous have that kind of
power at hand. Don’t you ever think that prayer is some kind of powerless way of
just crying out to God in desperation. No, prayers prayed fervently, heart felt,
with expectancy can cause things to happen.

You may have been told that it is to late. That is not true! Don’t you for a second give up on the power of our God!
If you have a situation going on in your life, pray right now, release dynamic power
through your faith in a loving, caring God.

Thank you Father for the power of prayer. It is a privilege
that we have as Believers. We believe nothing is to hard for you. Thank you for
hearing us when we pray, Thank you for tremendous power being released on our

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